Leaflets and Forms / List of Germans in Thailand

You can download leaflets and forms from the WebPages of the German Embassy, here is the link:

If you are a German national and wish to be included into the list of Germans, maintained by the Foreign Office in Berlin, please search for “Deutschenliste” on the embassy WebPages and fill in the online form.

Issuance of passports

Applications for German Passports can be filed at our office. The new passport will also be handed out in Phuket, so as to avoid a time consuming and costly trip to Bangkok.

Visa Applications

Both Schengen Visa and German residence Visa for Thai citizens and other foreigners (provided they hold valid residence papers for Thailand) can be applied for in our office. After processing by the German Embassy in Bangkok and/or in Germany, the Visa is returned in Phuket thus avoiding a time consuming and costly trip to Bangkok.

Formal Obligation (Verpflichtungserklärung)

Formal Obligations can be certified by the Hon. Consul, provided the provider of the obligation lives in Thailand and can prove by original documents that he or she has enough funds to support the travelling foreigner. As a rule, availability of Euro 50 per travelling day/person has to be proven.

Travel Health Insurance

Our office offers travel health insurance by a major international insurance company at competitive prices which complies with the rules established by the German government. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive travel health insurance in Germany.

Certificates and Signature Verifications

Certificates of Life, Signature Verifications, and certifications of copies of documents as well as Certificates on Pensions and/or Place of Abode can be issued by our office.

Proof of Authenticity (Legalisation) / Proof of Paternity

Proof of Authenticity of Thai documents to be submitted to German authorities, e.g. papers to marry, as well as documents to allow marriage between a Thai and a German citizen can be handled by our office

** Important Notice **

Travelling to the German Embassy in Bangkok may be necessary in some cases, e.g. Paternity recognitions according to German law. However, also in such cases our office can provide assistance and advice.

Application for the Family Registration from Central Register in Bangkok / Legalisation of Documents by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In view of good relations with various Thai Authorities in Bangkok and our office, we can assist you in obtaining statements from the Central Register and/or the Thai Foreign Ministry, without travelling to Bangkok.

Money Transfer to Phuket

If you are interested to send money from Europe to Phuket fast, reliable and less expensive than Western Union please email us at indicating “Money Transfer”. Our office receives the funds into a German account and hands over cash in Phuket for a small fee within 24 hrs. after receipt of the funds in the German bank account. For details, please contact us during office hours!

German Language Courses

Foreigners, who wish to stay in Germany (whether they are married to a German national or not), have to prove in their visa application, that they have basic skills of the German language, so that they can go shopping alone or visit a friend without getting lost because they are unable to ask for directions. The office of the German Consul offers at least twice a year German courses for “Deutsch Start A 1” lasting 13 weeks (240 h), Monday to Friday 4 h daily. The final exam is organised by the Goethe Institute in Bangkok and held in Phuket. For details please contact