Property Purchase (Due Diligence)

Many foreigners in Thailand wish to buy property here, most commonly together with their lady (or gentlemen) friends, be it a piece of land or a house with a view or an apartment overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Disaster strikes and trouble, financial loss and lost time when it is found after the purchase that

  • The seller is not the owner of the land
  • The lawyer has connived with the seller to defraud the buyer
  • All other conceivable trouble.

The Hon Consul has therefore assembled a small team of experts, supported by zhu naumann, who is an interior designer and decorator ( to assist land and/or house buyers to

  • Check all contracts
  • Check all entries for the land at the Thai Government’s land department : title deed, etc.
  • Make sure that the seller has the right to sell
  • Check the purchase price.

In case you need after the successful purchase either an interior designer or a decorator, who can refurbish and decorate your house (even while you are abroad) please do not hesitate to contact